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Originally Posted by Eilonwy View Post
I doubt that she went from being totally fine to suicidal because of the prank. But I can absolutely see the prank, and its professional consequences, being the last straw for someone who's already depressed. The DJs should be held responsible because they knowingly picked a mark who could very easily be identified.

I try to keep in mind that anyone I interact with may have depression or similar issues. After all, so many people do.
This. That it is seriously so hard for someone to relate to another's problems baffles me.

Why do people have to be so hard on other people, so callous? It costs nothing to be kind, and yet so many people find it beyond their abilities.

I think it's kind of a lame excuse, personally.

It especially baffles me that spiderlashes would have a hard time connecting the dots here. I seem to recall she worked for a suicide hotline or similar at one point. Or am I confusing her with someone else?

Originally Posted by CanItBeChristine View Post
You never know what battle another person is fighting or what demons they have going-on in their head. It's so sad.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

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