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Unhappy Ts & Ps needed for FIL -- (update: MIL is gone, FIL in ER)

My MIL has been in and out of the hospital and emergency since before Thanksgiving. Now she's back in the hospital for the last few weeks, and is not doing well.

It started with an operation to remove a kidney. She had too many stones, it didn't look good, and they said it had a mass. (We still never heard if it was benign or not)

She is also diabetic. She ended up getting an infection and went back to the hospital. She has pneumonia, it's so bad they were doing a procedure to drain her lungs. She isn't eating, they tried a feeding tube but it didn't stay down. She's so zonked out on morphine that she's mostly sleeping so she doesn't eat, talk, etc. They're going to wean her off the morphine and see if she perks up.

We were planning to go see her this weekend, just in case. But now my teen son just came down with the chicken pox! Poor guy is a mess. He had the vaccine and booster, but it didn't help I guess. They say it should be a milder case, we'll see....

So I'm a nervous wreck. Please keep MIL in your thoughts and prayers, etc. Thank you.

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