RCC - those dogs are so adorable and I love that they are buddies.

RCW - from what I remember from back in my 'cat lady' days (I'm no cat expert but I had dozens of strays and lots of rescues coming and going at my house for about 10 years, in addition to my own cats), calico colors aren't mixed together. Each of the 3 colors is in separate blocks without stripes or tabby markings. So Lily would be a torti or a torti and white. Buddy is kind of a combo but I think most would call him a torbi. I would have been interested to find out if he was born sterile.
Calicoes and torties are my favorite cats and 3 of my personal favorites were a calico, a black and orange torti, and a grey, tan, and white torti. All a bit odd too. : )
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