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Originally Posted by sinistral55 View Post
This thread is SOOOO old but I hope someone can contribute some advice for me:

How do you maintain your 3b twistout?

--do you retwist at night or just put on a silk scarf/bonnet?

--what do you do upon awakening? Do you refresh with anything, or reapply any product?

I was googling this topic because I did a braidout last night, and this thread came up. I'd like to try something different so i won't always have to leave the house with a wet head on these cold mornings.

I did 4 braids last night and sat under my bonnet dryer until they were mostly dry. It looks "okay" I guess.

Anyway, thanks in advance.
Believe me with twistouts "mostly" dry and "completely" dry makes a dramatic difference. I'm lp do I usually do some time under a hooded dryer then go to go bed. Without dryer my hair would likely take two days to finish drying.
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