We just spoke with FIL and there really is no good news right now. They did the procedure to clear fluid from her lungs, they also are using needles from the outside to get the fluids from outside her lungs. She was on a respirator for a while (after procedures?) but is breathing on her own again.

The feeding tubes weren't working. They measured the amount going in, took it out hours later, and there wasn't a difference. I guess she's not digesting. Not a good sign. They're going back to IV nourishment.

The tumor was benign, but it was growing rapidly and could have turned cancerous. But that's all out now and should be fine.

Our concern now is getting her to eat, clearing her lungs, and getting her healthy again.

I'm really afraid that we won't get to see her again. I would love to go right now but I have to take care of my son. Hubby may go up on his own at the beginning of next week. I hope we get to see her again. I hope she gets better. I lost my own mother tragically over 20 years ago. This is the only mom I have left. Although she can be difficult, I love my MIL and we really do get along well, have much in common. I'm scared.

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