i sometimes, actually quite often long for looser longer curls, but i know i cant change them. think about it. think about how straightening is damaging, so much effort and all the other negative things about it. sure it may look nice but have you ever actually tried to embrace your curls, or tried the curly girl method.

i am a teenager, and i find it hard to embrace my hair, and most girls straighten their hair, so i understand you may think straight is better...i've gone through many stages with my hair, from scraping it back when i was younger, which looked AWFUL, from it being big and poofy, being straightened, and now i'm e,bracing it. sure i get tired of it, and it's not perfect, and i get frustrated with it frequently, but it's mine, and it's not going to change anytime soon, so accept the fact- you have curly hair.

i think before you start making judgements such as people look better with straight hair, and saying your hair is ugly or whatever you said, try making it look the possibly best it could be, and if the result is still bad, sure, go back to straightening it. this would be a looong process of going through the curly girl method, which can be hard to get into, as it involves finding suitable products through your hair and at first your curls may be dry and frizzy. however, if you stick to this curly girl routine, and make your hair extremely moisturised (sounds like it must be damaged considering all the treatments, and heat you've used) you may grow to like it, and you will notice your hair improve in health and also how it looks naturally. since doing the curly girl method it is now softer, it's growing faster, and it's shinier. on this website it has sooo much info on how to deep treat your hair, the products to use, how to sleep on it and still get good hair the day after, talks about issues you may have, tips, tricks and more.

remember, straightening may give you with a couple days of nice, silky hair, but the curly girl method could give you nice curls for life....