The front of my hair has very VERY little curl pattern at all. It's actually quite straight.
I think I read it's because the front of your hair is more exposed to the elements than the back--so it gets less moisture and stay straighter. But that never made much sense to me because the back/middle of my hair is not as curly as the front. I think your hair looks pretty damn good without product though. About the hair loss: by the contents of my vacuum I was losing a ton of hair the past six months. My hair is very thick though so it's not like I was worried. I thought it was normal. I have more hair so I figured it was natural for me lose more than the average person. But since I started finger detangling in the shower and switching to natural products I find I'm losing maybe 10-20 hairs a day. it's kind of spooky because i know I'm supposed to be losing 100, right?
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That happens to me too! The middle and back of my hair is a bit straighter than the rest. I don't finger detangle but maybe I should! I have hair all over my house.. my mother constantly complains about the amount she and I sweep up each week.

Thank you for your information though I'm sure I'll conquer my hair one day!