Yep, this is easy, especially when I'm hungry.

Pop Tarts
Capn Crunch
Grape Nuts
corned beef hash jalapeno omelet from local diner

footlong hot dog with sauce and jalapenos from local hot dog place
Kentucky Fried chicken
pizza from local shop
salmon patties
Kraft mac and cheese
various flavors of chicken wings from the firehall
McDonald's french fries and apple pie
Burger King whopper, no pickle no mayo

a big fat Pittsburgh rare steak
Pillsbury Crescent rolls
linguini with homemade sauce and meatballs
crusty italian bread
my mom's spare ribs
my mom's chicken and biscuits
a big pile of seafood
TGIF's dragon fire chicken and garlic mashed potatoes

a giant bowl of berries and other fruit
Italian wedding cookies
Swedish ginger cookies
petit fours (I just love these little tiny cakes)
some good dark chocolate

rum and coke
Select 55

And almost forgot -
a carton of full flavor Marlboros : )
In Western PA
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