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I haven't spoken to my mom in five days!
You must feel so good about yourself!

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I had a final straw experience with her a couple of months ago. I had a play produced, she came, told me it was horrible at intermission, and then when she was in one of her drunk rages, kept screaming at me that, "THAT PLAY WAS HORRIBLE! IT WAS HORRIBLE! Everybody in the theatre thought it was HORRIBLE! I heard people talking about how HORRIBLE it was at intermission! I was embarrassed! Thank God I didn't take any friends to see it, I would have been humiliated making them sit through that! "

That was the cruelest she's ever been to me, and I honestly can't stand looking at her at this point. I'm struggling a lot right now with this particular's getting TWO productions in 2013 already. It's made the finals of a big competition for next month and is getting another community production in July. Everybody that has read it has loved it...but I can't get my mother's words out of my head and her screaming "HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE."

I'm working through it in therapy right now. She asked me if I really feel like people are going to be spitting in the aisles and storming-out and demanding refunds. I don't. But it's so hard to get excited about it because I keep remembering what my mother said and it gives me big-time doubts in myself.

She will be in Florida for one of the productions (the one next month.) She asked me if I wanted her to fly-up for it. I said, "Yes, and please do that so you can tell me how horrible it was at intermission!"

She told me that the fact that she told me how horrible my play was was actually a compliment, because she expected it to be a lot better.

I honestly never want her at another one of my plays ever again. I really don't.
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