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Originally Posted by CanItBeChristine View Post
Originally Posted by Curlyminx View Post
Good for you CIBC!

She shouldn't have that power over you.

In NO way is criticizing your show a compliment. What the what!?!?!?!?!?
Oh, she says things like that ALL THE TIME.

I put-up a photo I found of me and Matt Morrison (now of GLEE fan) from 2003 online.

My mom said: Why did you get so many "likes" on that photo?

Me: He's pretty famous now. He wasn't then, that's why it was so easy to talk to him and get photos with him.

Mom: ...because you really looked HORRIBLE back then.

Me: (roll my eyes and shake my head) you HAVE to say things like that???

Mom: It was a COMPLIMENT!


Mom: Because you're a lot PRETTIER now. Back then, you were just so pale with those big dark circles under your eyes..........................

My mom holds onto pictures of me when I 'looked good' and then brings them out and shows them to me when I'm feeling down on myself.

'You looked great here - this was the best you ever looked' etc, etc.

I'm like, mom, I was heavily using drugs, or mom, I was taking diet pills and not eating for 3 days at a time. I was seriously depressed and not eating - etc. I went to very drastic measures in those pictures. I need to find acceptance I where I am now.

Mom: uh, okay. If you say so.


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