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Originally Posted by ricotdorothy View Post
I've actually never tried a full on henna treatment mostly because I don't want to change my hair color I just want the strengthening and conditioning benefits. I noticed my finer baby hairs took color quickly and if I had stuck to it I probably would have ended up with deep red highlights in my hair. My hair was also generally shinier and frizz free.
LOL I take it you aren't all about the red highlights then. In addition to the benefits you mentioned from henna, would you say it's also thickened the appearance of your hair (I love the way your hair looks in your icon btw - full of body)?

Originally Posted by ricotdorothy View Post
Reminds of a beauty supply store clerk who told me I would have to straighten my hair first in order to use flexirods. Indoctrination is a beast. She tried to tell me curly wont take a curl.
Yeah, that's just awful. Maybe if cosmetology schools began including pro-curly hair modules/techniques, instead of just directing everyone to thermally and chemically relax curly hair on sight (what an insult), beauticians and clerks might get beyond all these silly notions and actually SERVE their curly clientele and even make themselves more money as a result
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