I have the same problem! I live in south Japan atm. The dew point is very high here, in summer it takes like 3 days before your laundry is dry... and now in Winter the dew point is still very high. I moved here like 2.5 months ago and ever since I got crazy frizz. >___< And in Europe (Holland) I never had any frizz..........

I just hate the fact that most products have glycerin.

At hip length, going for mid-thigh!
3A/2C M iii med porosity, high elasticity

Clarify: Nivea IR
Lo-poo: Nature's Gate CR
CW: Elvive Volume Collagen
RO: TBS Rainforest Moisture, etc

LI: Elvive volume collagen, KCKT
Seal: Grapeseed oil
Gel: Studioline

PT: EO Keratin co
DT: RO+oils
Hairgrowth stim.: JBCO+EVCO

www.iherb.com 5-10$ discount code:
VHT541 Many natural hair products!