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Default Hello from your new chief CurlTalk Admin!

Hi CurlTalk family!

Evelyn Ngugi here! I just wanted to hop on the boards and formally introduce myself. You may have read Gretchen’s announcement about my shift into the chief CurlTalk administrator + Community Manager role.

Thanks for the kind words, Gretchen! I’m so excited to have this opportunity to connect with you all. The wealth of information and curl-positive encouragement is an invaluable resource – there has yet to be a question I can’t get answered on here! Very thankful for all of you.

A little bit about me:
  • My family’s Kenyan. In case you were wondering about the last name.
  • You can call me Evelyn, Eve, E, or The Kenyan With the Slowest Mile Time. I respond to all. Lol
  • Raised in the Southern U.S. (Louisiana & Texas in the house?)
  • Addicted to sweet tea, Breaking Bad, and natural hair Youtube videos.

My hair:
  • Type 4a/4b. Jherri curl-ish when wet, and practically shrinks back to my big chop length! Comical, but wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • Fine hair beware! Don’t like heavy products or gels.
  • Thinner hair than average, especially when stretched. Put me in check when my thick hair envy is showing!
  • Long term transitioner (1 year). 3 years post mini-big chop.
  • Minimalist with my hair products. 4+ products on my counter makes me nervous! Got love for product junkies though. No judgement here!
  • Go-to style: Twist & Curl. Shout out to CurlyNikki.

That’s a nice start, right? As Gretchen said, this transition will take a few weeks, and you’ll notice both of us posting. Once I get my CurlTalk chops, I’ll be flying solo! Many thanks to Gretchen for everything she’s done.

Talk to y'all soon!
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