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As far as actual products go for LP, they'd technically be the same as for any other porosity, except for maybe more watery, because they absorb faster than a thicker product.

Actually, low porosity hair absorbs slowly. It's porous hair that absorbs quickly.

OP, in addition to texture, it would be good to know what you do use. So people can comment. When you determine your properties, you can look for others with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.)

It's important not to use too much product. I use minute amounts of really rich products because that take so long to absorb. Frequently, my hair is dry before products are fully absorbed. Hair gets better as the day goes on.
Just FYI, I meant that often times, more watery products allows the hair to absorb more quickly, not that lp hair absorbs product more quickly. I just know that for myself, I can't use thicker consistency products often (even in small amount), because my hair just doesn't absorb them.

Nevertheless, ITA that the method is often more important than the product. I get the best hair when I soak in water and conditioner for 1 hr (almost like a DT) --- it's practically the only way my hair absorbs large amounts of water. (Otherwise, I have trouble wetting it).
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