Well thanks! There are plenty more where that came from, lol.

I love when people post their artwork...

I was on FB, where 95% of my friends are family members. I was randomly browsing when a young cousin posted some doodles of hers.....I couldn't believe it!

I have another cousin closer to my age, who can't draw a thing--except horses. The most beautiful horses you ever saw. All these family members I mention are on my dad's side.

It's like, all these people you think you've known all your life until you see their drawings.

My daughter did an AWESOME dragon in her art class that I plan on framing one of these days. When I had it in my cube, people were always commenting on it. Her dad can draw too; I have no idea where THAT came from because NO one else in his family can draw. I take that back--all of his sisters are really good with crafts. Still, none of them can draw/paint.