Hi I want to go natural so I thought it would be good if I got some tips for someone my age. What shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, oils, and moisturizers do I need. How often do I shampoo, cowash, and deep condition? How did your mom react when you told her you wanted to go natural? If she didn't take it well, how did you convince her? You do't have to answer all of my question, but any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey! Okay, so I used Giovanni shampoo and conditioner. They have different kinds for oily to normal to dry hair. I didn't co-wash then, I used shampoo and conditioner every time every two weeks (which I don't really recommend.)

Now, I just use the conditioner only and I deep condition with that same conditioner and add oil to it sometimes. I also use their leave-in.

I've used olive oil only, but now I use olive, coconut, and castor oil.

As for my mom... She didn't take it well, but I didn't care. That was expected. She just had to deal with it. At first I didn't tell her, because people who have a lack of knowledge about true beauty and natural hair will most likely say negative, discouraging things, so... Yeah.

(I understand that it may not be so easy for some because parenting styles differ and different parents have more or less control over certain things their kids do... Especially when it comes to their daughters and their hair.)

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