I replied earlier but I just have to say that I believe for the most part people that are annoyed or bothered by the question must still be very young because once you get a certain age you really shouldn't care. Yes people have asked me that question a lot throughout my life but at this point it's really not a problem.

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Hmm...but in my case, I'm not that young. I mean, 29 is still pretty young, but it's far from being a kid.

I don't really agree that once a person gets to a certain age they should stop caring. It depends on the individual and the experiences they've had, know what I mean? Some people don't mind, while others are offended or uncomfortable because of things that tend to happen when the question is asked.

I believe that if one has encountered racism/discrimination constantly, as I have, then the questions about race will start to bother you (not you, general "you") a lot.

I'm very shy and I just don't want to deal with stares or rude comments about my ethnic background all the time...it's annoying. I don't think it has much to do with age, it's just that I don't strike up conversations with people about race and stuff, especially people I don't know very well. I care more about who people are, not *what* they are. If a person is nice or they show interest in being my friend, that's a bit different. It's all about the vibe they put out. But rarely do I meet people who ask the question without some undertone of hostility or making me feel like an "other"...maybe it's just where I live. And I'm not the type to look for negativity when it isn't there. I can tell when somebody is innocently asking and when they're asking because of some stereotype/preconceived notion they have based on my appearance.

I mean, sure...I find other cultures interesting and cool and whatnot, but I don't feel the need to dig into anyone's ancestry to find out why they look a certain way. I admire their beauty and keep it moving. They might not want to share that information with me, not because they're ashamed of their heritage, but because it's kind of irrelevant in a brief exchange. I'm not their friend, they'll probably never see me again, plus I know how it feels, so I simply avoid going there. I don't want to be defined by my race only and I try to give others the same respect.

Just my two cents, though...I wish I could be more tolerant of this sort of thing.

Sorry to sound overly sensitive, y'all...this is a subject I could talk about for days, trust me.