I used to draw tattoos for people. Quite often, I have a tattoo on my back that I drew, and I drew the one on my husband's back as well.

I also did a couple for friends, one got hers, the other didn't.

And the friend that did get it, wants me to do one of her cat, which I was going to do digitally, but I lost the pen to my tablet, then finally the tablet itself.

I need to get another one, but ugh, it's like $400 + for a good sized one. *whine*
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Dang. I would pay some darn good money for someone who can design the tattoo I want. I should probably go to the guy I want to tattoo me (he did my other one and I loved it!), but he has a weird schedule and it's totally and completely out of my way.
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This area is under construction as my hair type changed and nothing works well for me. I shampoo, I condition and pretty much have done nothing but chuck my hair in a messy bun for the past oh...year? Yeah, I'm that lazy.

No...going no-poo or CG does not work for me. It leaves me overconditioned and oily in a second no matter what I use, so that's not what's not working.