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Originally Posted by Ericachristina View Post
I have been noticing this as well but I thought I was just being paranoid. Some of the curly hair products that I buy are never in stock anywhere I go and it really annoys me when I have to go out of my way to find things and drive around. I was in the Florida last week and I wanted to try that kinky curly leave in product which I have heard good things about but never tried. Many of the the beauty stores here in Toronto dont even carry it. The Targets I checked had all the other products in the line except this one. The shelves were literally bare...I did try a couple more stores but had no luck and I had to leave for my next destination so I had no more time to look. So I paid the $24 it cost here which is still cheap and the price doesnt matter so much as long as it works. The store I went to had ONE more bottle left.
That is crazy! I have driven around to many stores just to be disappointed and have to order online. Like I said I never had these issues when I was relaxed.
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