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Originally Posted by Jo Somebody View Post
Wow! I completely switched my brain off of hair stuff during Black Friday because of my broke-itis, forget there were new bars! Looking forward to trying the new ones, especially the ACV one!
Dude, you know how you can get to try some out! Reply to my email, dammit!
Products in current rotation:

Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash; Elucence MBC (now really just for cowashing, leg shaving or emergencies); Curl Junkie: Repair Me, Deep Fix, Curl Rehab; AOHSR (retiring); Oyin Handmade: Honey Hemp, Hair Dew, J&B; Qhemet Biologics: BRBC (retiring- prefer Oyin HD), AOHC, OHHB; Jojoba Oil for scalp; Castor Oil or Shea butter to seal; Henna & Ayurvedic pastes when I can be bothered.

Still searching for the perfect stylers, but loving CJ CIAB over everything so far
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