Good vegan mains can be stuffed squashes/pumpkins, a hearty stew, a cassoulet without meat. It's all about adding little extras for textural contrast, visual appeal, dynamic flavor. It's really not too difficult, promise! Starting off with a great soup is a good idea, as Munchy suggested.
Michael Natkin has awesome recipes, many of which are vegan:

This is a favorite dish of mine:

Romesco makes everything taste good.

A snack/app:


Not to mention something as simple as roasted pineapple with coconut sorbet, a fruit crisp, chocolate and coconut milk pudding or a panna cotta using agar, tembleque/haupia with a fruit salsa, and many other options.
And if you are okay with shortening/margarine and faux products (I 100% refuse to use them), you have even more.