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My co-workers are very nice and always tell me how fluffy my hair looks and you can see that they're trying to make a compliment by saying that. I guess they don't know how to compliment curly voluminous hair with other words,but im ok with it since i know how it is meant.
What really takes the piss out of me, is when the director and managers of the company walk past me in the break room and start making jokes about how a poodle was allowed to enter the building, at one time the director even patched my head - and when i told him to please stop it because he's making it messy and i don't have the time to fix it again, he told me that he knows how to solve my problem. "It's pretty easy! Put your finger in the socket and you'll probably get better results than you have now" the sad thing is: he seriously thought that he was being funny!!!

I would have liked to tell him to better mind his own business instead of making rassistic statements -but since he's the one signing my paychecks i had to shut up and just walk away....

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