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Originally Posted by Napp View Post
I call them "low heat keratin options." in fact i was about to blog about a similar product quite soon! I am trying to look for what in the ingredients causes this effect and if it really is temporary or not.i might even have to do some ]
NApp I really doubt if it has any kind of straight effect on curly hair...just like organiq

Originally Posted by AphroDiva View Post
Bruchilda, I came across a review of the silver formula a long time ago. I will search for it, and post for you. Not sure if it was here on the forum or a blog. I will search in a bit and post it for you. The reviewer said it did not worked as the "original" and did not lasted as much, but did not altered her color. That is why I never purchased the silver (and I was so determined to try it!)
Hey Aphro!
Are u sure that review was about Qod max Silver? I m saying that because it's a very new product, I think they released it on september-october

Maybe it was other product of silver line. I think they have several treatments under that label (not keratin, more like hair masks and conditioners)
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