Its all about confidence...People can feel your energy...People like your hair stright...b/c you emit a positive energy and feel about your self...and when you wear it emit a VERY negative energy...I hardly ever got " wow your hair looks great today" when I wore it stright....But now...I get TONS of compliments!!! And I LOVE my hair...Some days more than others, but I LOVE it still...People also get jealous of beautiful hair and will say hurful things...Just so you dont look better...So stop blah blah...poor me crap...And either imbrace your beautiful nature..or keep trying to be something you are not...if so...stop posting on here!!!

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2b/c CG since 8/12
I have low porosity and fine/med texture. Easily weighed down and VERY frizzy crown, with straighter under layers

Low-poo:TJ TTT, CJ GCS
LI/RO/DC: CK Satin Roots,Sevi Pumpkin, SSI Okra reconstructor, CJ SAC,CJ RM
Stylers: AG Recoil, JC SS
Jellies: CK Coil Jam, Okra gel(HG)
Gel: JC CC, Ouidad H&H gel, Ouidad moisture lock gel

Hair loves moisture protein.
MUST Pixie diffuse.

My hair dose NOT like oils, butters or polyquats Or glycerin in high dews