Living in Canada, I would work through it for the right person. Living in the US though, the system is too messed up to go through that.
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Is the process a lot easier in Canada? Maybe I should be looking for a Canadian husband. All the US ones have gone down the chute...why not? I could handle living up there. Except maybe the Northern Territories.
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I don't know that it's easier, but definitely faster. I know a few couples (one married an American, the other a Jamaican) and things seemed to come together rather easily.

We have very good friends in the States that have just been going through a nightmare of a time trying to get the husband legalized (not sure if that's the right term!)

This is all just from an outsider looking in though, so actually doing it may be another issue!
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Are you talking about illegals though, or just foreigners? I think it is a little easier to get citizenship "legitimately" as a non-citizen in Canada than in the US, but it is a pretty dire situation here if you are illegal. The rhetoric is a little different in the US (though that is changing) but illegals here don't have that different of a situation than they do in the US.
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