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You introduced me to LASplash, and now I have a question for you. I have fallen in love with some of their loose e/s colors and wonder what you use as a base for them. LASplash makes it seem that you have to use their shadow sealer and I just don't believe that (plus I can't find any except at cherry culture and it was out of stock). Do you have any of their loose shadows? What do you use as a base?
NCC gave some good recs.

Right now, I'm wearing LASplash Accentric (turquoise) l/s over NYX concealer in a jar (and UDPP). It's working well so far. We'll see in a few hours if there's any creasing. Any slightly sticky base would work: cream shadows, stick or jar concealers, or the NYX eyeshadow base. The LASplash sealer works well too, although it's definitely not the only option.
Thanks for your response. I just wanted to make sure I could make do with what I have and wondered if I was missing out on the PERFECT performance if I used the base. I can't find it on the ground and I don't want to chase it down online (mad @ cherry culture)
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