So far the hair salons that used the OrganiQ formulas are changing to MAX Silver. Max Silver is not a wash a go( straight) like many treatments but it does reduce the volume A LOT. I have highlights and wave hair, my hair I call it Lion King when I did not have keratin. I stop using the original formulas long time ago. I only used OrganiQ and had good results and now with Silver I am in love. When I wash my hair and dont feel like blow drying, I just towel dry, apply a bit of argan oil and that's it. The hair will have a nice natural volume and very shinny. When I want my hair with a bit less volume , I just dry for about 5 minutes just combing and the hair is almost chinese straight. If I want to wear my hair completly straight I let it air dry and after that I flat iron and my hair will not frizz att all after any of those steps. I live in Miami and it it very humid but with the treatment my hair stays nice no matter what. I usually dont like to blow dry and flat iron because that is too much heat for the hair, but in case of a hurry , I blow dry and as I flat iron each section I blow dry cool air to cool down the hair.

Any questions let me know