Hello lovelies! I am new to this website, and I love seeing the variety of topics and I have learned so much!
I need your help! I have been transitioning for about 7-8 months from chemical relaxed hair to natural hair. I cannot cut my hair myself so I was wondering which salon I should go to get my big chop? I live in Vancouver, Canada. I have no Idea where to go, but I am soo excited to cut the relaxed hair clinging to my natural hair ( not a very attractive look !) .

A bit about myself: I am a fifteen year old girl, born in the U.S but parents are from the Dominican Republic. I have no idea what my natural hair looks like, since my mother has been relaxing my hair from a very young age, due to the fact that she didn't know how to deal with my texture, and I had a very sensitive scalp. I decided to go natural because why fight with my texture when I could just embrace it? I am a little bit scared since I will be left with short curly hair, and high school kids nowadays are so judgemental but I am doing this for me after all!

Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this