I think the boys your around are really ignorant and you shouldn't stand for that. Date someone who appreciates your curly hair which I'm assuming is a big part of you. If they don't like your curly hair they don't deserve you.
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Lol I am so tempted to show your comment to him. He isn't around right now. I'll be sure to pass on the message.

The reason I don't get compliments is because I'm still partly in that experimenting phase. whenever I go out and my hair freaks out ,i put it up. I hardly ever let my hair down in front of him

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HAIR TYPE -2a-b, black, mostly medium
CLARIFY- I use sulphate shampoos silicone free(diluted), vinegar rinses
DC-pure coconut oil, olive oil, sometimes a SMT
LI-aloe vera gel + castor oil
I'm currently at BSL, aiming for waist length.I'm a very impatient person, wish me luck
I love my flat iron, but I love my waves even more. :-D

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