I think it will take a while to get your curls back. Don't be discouraged though because once they come back they will be bouncy and shiny and full of life. For now you're going to have to either chop all the damaged hair off (what they call the big chop) or let it grow and trim every once in a while until you get rid of all the damaged hair and only the new hair is left..
I also recommend you visit a lot the transitioning forum.
And for now just start with cutting back on the shampoo and silicones. And I don't like the hardness the gels used to give my hair but through this website I learned to scrunch out the crunch (basically scrunch out the hardness the gels give). When your hair is dry just hold the curls in the palm of your hair and gently push them up (there are many videos to teach you how to do this). And do lots of deep treatment and hot oil treatments. They will do your hair a lot of good.
good luck
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