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Originally Posted by asianrunner View Post
You may have the greasy look for a bit while your scalp adjusts to the sulfate free shampoo. It's smart to put your hair halfway up though to help hide it!

You could probably deep condition 1-2x/wk since your hair looks a bit dry. Back off it starts to feel mushy and won't hold curl. Have you thought about using a more moisturizing conditioner? Lots of ladies use the GVP conditioning balm (Sally's version of biolage) as their regular rinse out.

Gels: Most gels aren't curl enhancing. Aussie Instant Freeze, Ecostyler Krystal (can make hair feel dry w/ the glycerin though), Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (more expensive, use a small amount!).
It didn't dawn on me that shampoo would affect my scalp- good note. I have a jar of Biolage conditioning balm at home so I'll try using it as regular rinse out.

Should I add a curl enhancing cream (?) before the gel? Any recommendations for curl enhansers?

Thanks for the help :-)
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