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I think the boys your around are really ignorant and you shouldn't stand for that. Date someone who appreciates your curly hair which I'm assuming is a big part of you. If they don't like your curly hair they don't deserve you.
That's a bit unfair. Not being attracted to curly hair doesn't make you ignorant, it's a preference. A boy doesn't have to like curly hair to deserve you. If they treat you badly because of it, yeah, but everybody has preferences and people aren't obliged to like what you have. It hurts, but it's life.
LOL You took the words right out of my mouth.
I second that, Korkscrew. Preferences are one thing. I tend to have "curl crush" but oddly enough my wife has straight hair. When you love a person, even if their hair is opposite your preference, you find that is way too trivial.
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