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Originally Posted by letta510 View Post
People make sulfates seem so bad but people have been using them for years. If your hair likes it then keep using them. And just because a shampoo has sulfates doesn't mean it's drying, there are way more ingredients in there that keep your hair from being dry. Good luck girl
Good point. I guess I never thought of it like that though I should have lol. ShubhoR, I think you're right about my hair being fairly healthy. I try to take good care of it. Thanks for sharing your personal experience btw. I also use a cone free shampoo. I may have spoken too soon on the sulfates. I think I need more sulfate washes, but not every time I wash, maybe every other. I washed today and my roots are greasy and my ends are dry I'm going to try diluting it since that works so well for you. Back to experimentation!
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