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Originally Posted by curlypearl View Post
Not sure I qualify as a hair color pro, but I'll give it a shot since I've been coloring my hair for almost 40 years and have been blonde, red (disaster) and all shades of brown.

Yes, definitely go to a salon next time because you are having trouble. The best advice I can give is not to dye the whole head. If you must dye the whole head, make a commitment only to dye the roots as they come in after that. You can't keep dying all your hair over and over - it is just too damaging.

Before you go in for your next dye job, use a heavy duty protein treatment. You can get it at any drugstore. I think one is called EmergenCee. Follow that (in the same shower) with a heavy duty conditioning treatment. Just plan to spend at least an hour between these two treatments. Boring, I know, but it will help.

Also, if you are bound and determined to have hair that is wildly different from your natural color and requires a stripping dye job, consider a wig instead. I'm serious. Most brown and dark brown hair has to be stripped to become blonde or have that blonde ombre effect. A professional is what you need.

Good luck going forward with this!
Thank u! Ill have to look up the Emergencee protein treatment! And the only thing about wearing a wig is that everyone will know its a wig. :/ Other than that. I love them..Also yes I dont have THAT much hair right now and I do wanna go Blonde or do the whole ombre thing. I prefer to do it on already damaged hair though. Thats bcuz i feel like its already damaged. And I dont think it can be nursed back to healthy. I think it can be maintained though until I grow it out and then cut it. But Thatll be a LONG process. So I dunno. MAybe Ill leave it its natural color until I get to a year from when i cut it! But i really want something to brighten my hair for the summer. But the truth is, thats probably not the smartest/healthiest thing to do! Hmmmmm.....Thanks again!
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