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Originally Posted by elizard View Post
I just had to chime in, because I asked my dad to pick up the pumpkin seed deep conditioner for me from the whole foods in baltimore. i read the reviews here, and i looked at the ingredients online, and i thought it might be good.

Word of warning... although it is not listed on the website, the bottle I received has patchouli oil in it. I used it this morning and my hair still smells like an unwashed hippie.
Yes!!! I was going to post that a couple of weeks ago, but didn't want to be accused of stereotyping patchouli users as stoners : )

It is a very nice conditioner, but the fragrance IS quite potent. Good thing I only had a sample & hadn't yet sprung for thr full size bottle.

SN: I noticed that the Acure Organics Argan poo and condish has pumpkin seed oil but no patchouli. I've been resisting the impulse to buy it, but my resolve is slowly but surely weakening ...

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