Thank you Thank you Thank you to CurliLocks!!! You sent me the coolest stuff and I loved it all! I even followed directions and read your letter AFTER opening everything and ooh'ing and awww'ing. hehehe...

I got the coolest stretch-beaded bracelets in beautiful purples of different shades and bead shapes!! I truly love them! And the rhinestone bracelet - ooh la la! hehehe...

I got a beautiful necklace with an R pendant. CL you outdid yourself on that one! I love it!!

I also got nail polishes!! Woohooo for gold and silver glitter and purple! And the quick dry top coat is awesome. It's manicure time this weekend!

And the Mary Kay gloss is perfect. I love the MK glosses.

CurliLocks, my dear friend...thank you so much for all the fantastic gifts - you know me well! And your note was so lovely. I miss you too! When are you coming to visit ABQ?

Thank you again my friend!
*disclaimer* spelling, grammatical and psychological errors are for your enjoyment.