So this year was a bust because I finally realized I was focusing on the wrong thing...weight loss only instead of my total health (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical). So after reading one of my favorite blogs that suggested making a 'dream/goal jar' and then making a conscious effort to do at least one step towards these goals each day I figured this was a better way to go about my weight loss journey...I mean if you feel good you want to look good right.

So although my main goal is to finally shed these pounds, I will do so by making healthier choices in my diet, eliminating as much stress as possible from my life, engaging in activities that I enjoy and making a conscious effort to enjoy everyday like tomorrow's never promised because it's not. I will post my daily efforts to make 2013 the best year ever and anyone who wants to join me for support or to post their own efforts is more than welcome!

So...starting today instead of January 1 I have consumed more water than I have in months, I have made a conscious and actual effort and have eliminated the people from my life who are not supportive and bring me down and I am making a conscious effort to focus on all the wonderful things the new year has to offer my child and I!
Hair Type: A head full of THICK, normal porosity curls/coils that I am TOTALLY in LUV with!
(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

Loving: MC LI Condish, Raw shea butter, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil, SM raw shea butter shampoo,HEHH Conditioner, Braggs ACV & Egg, Mayo & EVOO PT's

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