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Originally Posted by jsuzkelley View Post
I'm in. I was able to get just about to MBL, but I went for a trim yesterday and she took off 2-3 inches (even after I told her - same as last visit - that I was growing it to waist length and to only trim off any split ends). She also used some other line of product ( not Devacurl, even though I was paying for a devaservice) and the shampoo totally stripped my hair - not happy. So...all my new length is gone, and I'm back to just barely BSL again. Think I'm going to just trim/dust the ends myself, and maybe go in to a salon every 6 months or so. And probably look for a new stylist who will listen to me.
I'm so sorry about that. I feel like stylist have their own agenda. Like they get caught up in what they "know" and what's "best" and don't always take into account that people know their own hair better.

I went to the salon for a trim and she ended up thinning my hair and I'm still dealing with the two different lengths. I do my own trims now.
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