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Lets not rule out the mail delivery. I am waiting longer for my ebay purchases to. Have to give them more time this time of year.
I have no problem if it's the mail, but I would appreciate shipping confirmation email...especially since they say they will send one.
i suspect they have not shipped your order yet. i ordered some sale stuff on dec. 26th and have not yet received a shipping email either, but i assumed they are not working the holiday week. (i did not see anything to that effect as i see posted on other sites, but i believe they work on a shoestring budget so i just assumed they are out for the holiday.) i order maybe twice a year from curlmart and only things that i cannot get cheaper anywhere else and only if i am not in a hurry to receive their order. i have never gotten an order in less than 10 days, but i am in ny, far from texas.

so going forward if you need something quickly, curlmart is not the place. however, if the price is good and you want/need something later rather than sooner, it can be a very good deal.
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