Happy New Year!

Neutral: Kyra's Ultimate Indulgence Sweet Mango Butter and Mango Moisturizer. The thing that bothers me about these two is that they have an equally strong scent that I really, really hate. Doesn't even smell like mangoes... more like a strong citrus-y perfume scent from Bath and Body Works. The scent hasn't worn off on my hair yet. :/ On the plus side, I love their consistency. The moisturizer doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy, and the butter leaves my hair feeling soft. Unfortunately, I won't be repurchasing these again.
Type 4, fine/high density, high porosity
Last Relaxer - March '11
BC - August '11

Fall/Winter PRODUCTS

Clarifier - Paul Mitchell Three Low-poos - BoBeam Conditioners - TJ Nourish Spa, CJRM!, Co-Wash - N/A, Leave-Ins - N/A, Moisturizers - Afroveda Coco Latte, QBCTDG, CR Moisture Butter, Sealants/Stylers - Any BASK butters and creams, Jane Carter N&S, QBATB