I wonder is it really so damaging to be "best friends" with your kid like on gilmore girls? all these chicks on jezebel complaining being too close to mom damaged them for life. I dont want to damage my baby for life, but that whats been getting me through this hellish pregnancy. the thought that by the end of feb. ill have my own built in, permanant amiga (hopefully with papi's unfairly thick perfect eyelashes.) now that's wrong and harmful. I mean I know I have to be her mom first and lay down the law sometimes, but cant we be close, too? why cant we be the gilmore girls?

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I wish my mom was not so frightened of being friends with me. We would have been closer today if she allowed herself to be close to me. I would have felt more comfortable talking to her, and those open lines of communication are extremely valuable tools of parenting. If you aren't friends with your child, they won't feel the need to share what is going on in their lives for better or for worse. The girls from the bad girls club look to me as if they had larger issues than mothers who were close to them.

ETA: Oh you were talking about Jezebel, I have the same opinion on that as well.


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