KCCC was a product I could never get to work consistently. It would tease me the odd time and give me perfect hair, but I could never depend on it. Even with diffusing my hair, it took forever to dry. I gave up on it for myself.

Ironically it works gone for my daughter's wavy hair. She diffuses it until it is firm and the curls have formed. Her hair is really long. She just pineapples it and goes to bed. It always looks great, but is often still damp in the am.
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Wow am I the only person for whom kinky curling custard doesn't take long at all to dry? Actually it takes a shorter amount of time than other styling products and leaves me with pillow soft, very shiny and wispy spirals once I SOTC. My routine is after co-washing I apply my leave in and I always use kinky curly knot today when I'm using the custard since they're formulated to go together. Then I scrunch with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to get out excess moisture and encourage clumping. I actually scrunch a lot to give my hair a head start on drying. Then I divide my hair into two parts, apply a little more kinky curly knot today to the crown and top to middle segments of my hair. That is the area that is the most frizzy. Then I tip my head down so my hair fans out in the front of me, apply the custard evenly to the left and right sides of my hair and scrunch and pump upwards. My hair dries in 1- 1 1/2 hours tops. It is not the longest hair in the world but it certainly is not the shortest. Or maybe one hour drying is a lot for some people? Especially working mommies. But then every mommy is a working mommy.