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Originally Posted by Villain View Post
I hate when people ask if my hair is REALLY this curly. Um.....yes. It is "really" this curly. What you see is how my hair is. I don't have some kind of magic hologram that makes my hair look curlier than it is.

Off topic, I also hate when people who don't have curly hair pretend they know about it because they have a friend or cousin or whatever with curly hair. "Oh, I know exactly what you mean, my third grade teacher had curly hair!" or "Oh, you should use this product! My cousin has curly hair and swears by it!"
Or I hate when people say oh my gosh my hair is soooo curly and poofy when it has a slight wave! Really?!?! I'm like "um do you NOT see how curly MY hair is right now?"
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