I have this hair that I used to think just had an annoying wave. When I began trying to help my dd manage her curly hair (unsuccessfully at the time), I learned about CG. Since then, my hair has changed. I have hair that runs from 2?-3a. My problem is that if I get most of it running towards the 3a side, I have pieces that just look odd because they are either straight or long with a curl at the end. So if my hair is in long corscrews and s curves and c curves (sorry...I have no clue what the proper names for them are) these straightish hairs look completely out of place. It looks as if I curled my hair with an iron and forgot a few.

I was thinking today...wondering if it would help to go and get a curly cut. I am a little afraid. Every person who cuts my hair sees straight and pulls it straight and never listens to anything I saw. Hence, I try not to get my hair cut if I can stand it. So the thought of going to a curly place....well, first there is the $$....and then there is the thought of....what if they laugh because I am wavy?

I am so much happier with my hair now...even with its weirdness...because I am no longer fighting and spending hours to get it looking perfect, just to walk out the door and have it flop or look like a mess.

I'm just not sure how to be happy with these odd hairs.