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Originally Posted by CurlyB_ View Post
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A bar of soap on her desk? Isn't that a little mean?
Definitely! I would feel really offended and sad, maybe even bullyied if someone ever did this to me!

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i agree. i wouldnt do that. the idea about sending a memo to everyone is a better approach.

we had a situation where a co-worker would bring curry to work for lunch. another co-worker didnt like the smell and wrote a letter and left it on the coworkers desk. we all veiwed it offensive mainly because she did it secretly. if she had gone to the co worker and told her privatley the coworker could had easily begin to eat her lucnh in the lunchroom. our boss didnt like the lady's approach or the way she worded her letter either so she was fired (i never read the letter, but it apparently came off as bullying, rude, and racist. i'm unsure if this was the lady who wrote it intent). i wouldnt live a bar of soap on someones desk, it could put your job at risk. it could come off in a way you did not mean.
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