Hello all! I figured I would post this here instead of the color forum, as it usually gets more noticed. I am also hoping poemaxx will come give me more henna advice.

Anywhoodles, I did a henna color on my hair a little over two months ago. My light brown roots are coming in and I should really touch them up soon. My question is how can you tell whether a henna mixture has gone bad? When I hennaed my hair the first time I mixed up way too much (from internet instructions) so I have enough to probably do my whole head if it hasn't gone bad.

I left this henna sitting around for about a week, because I wanted to henna my friends hair too. (In hindsight I should have refrigerated it. :P) Then I put it in the freezer for a good while. It probably thawed during my 7 hour drive back home from college, but I put it in the freezer again after that. It looks really black now and I don't think it's green anymore. I have more henna powder I can mix up, but do you think I should use the one I have in the freezer or not?

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