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Originally Posted by rbb View Post
beautiful curls!! both of you will look back and be soooo happy you did this for both of you. you have really helped her like her hair/looks, she is beautiful.
i know what you mean about being freed from the 'bondage' of the relaxer, as i stopped coloring my hair almost 4 yrs ago (something i wanted to do for years but always dreaded that transition) and whenever i see a woman with her roots showing i just think, thank god i don't have to deal with the whole process, the dye, the conditioning, the too dark week the first week, 3rd week fading and roots showing.... it is a relief! and i am so happy with my hair as i am sure you are too. it will be fun watching it now that you are CG.
Thank you. It's been a long battle with her and her hair but glad it turned out good in the end. Love your natural hair color.
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