I wouldn't leave beans on the stovetop because beans are done in no more than 2 hours so long as they're soaked (which they should be, brined, really), but leaving things on the stovetop is not the end of the world as some people think it is. We leave things on overnight in restaurants all the time.
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I don't even run my dishwasher when I'm not home.

The lady eventually went home to check on them and guess what, they were dry. Duh. I just can't fathom leaving my stove top turned on unattended while away for 8+ hours.
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I won't run the dishwasher, washer, dryer, or anything else when I'm not home. I don't even like using the crock pot during the day. I prefer to use it at night while I'm home. Hey if it's gonna catch the house on fire it darn well is gonna be while I'm in it. : )
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