^ murrr, you should not post such things when you know there are anal people about. It makes us twitchy and anxious and I think it is giving me a migraine. : )

RE: my crockpot. I don't trust it at home alone all day because it's 35+ years old. I probably wouldn't worry about a newer one. But I don't care how new a washer and dryer are, they are never left running when I'm not home.
My sister's brand new dryer caught fire on her wedding day. Thankfully there were people around and it got stopped in a hurry. And luckily there was little smoke as her wedding dress was hanging a few feet away.
And yes, I do worry about the hot water tank and furnace running all the time when I'm gone. It's my worry wort thing. But at least I'm not as bad as my ex. He was a union electrician and had a 'thing' about electrical fires and would unplug most everything every time he left the house. It was annoying, but we all have our 'things'. : )
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