you can prevent stretch marks with certain lotion and discipline .
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Um, no. Either you get them or you don't. You can't discipline your breasts and belly not to get bigger when they hold milk and a baby. You might get stretch marks, you might not. I know some really large women who have zero stretch marks. You get what you get.
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Um, no. you can prevent them. NOT everyone, sorry I forgot to say that, but you can take preventive measures with certain creams.

I know people who've had them and then didn't have them the second time.

I know people who know they can get stretch marks and used creams to prevent getting them.

I don't know what you're um, noing, but your statement doesn't really go with mine.
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Some women might not get new stretch marks with each pregnancy or they might get the marks in the same place. So, yeah, creams aren't going to help.